National Procurement Strategy

National Procurement Strategy

The strategy and the new microsite was launched at the LGA conference on 10th July 2014.

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Construction Clients Group Questionnaire

The LGA and CCG are exploring a number of areas where clients can work together to improve cost out-turn and generally improve the quality and security of outcome when investing in the built environment. We have put together a short survey to draw upon the experiences of both public and private clients to help us to identify areas for improvement.

Demand is now starting to outstrip supply and the industry is beginning to witness suppliers exercising choice over procurement/contract options. The EU's new Public Procurement Directive dealing with the acceptance of unrealistically low bids and the prospect of being challenged by unsuccessful bidders is an area also worthy of careful consideration as is the detail to take life-cycle costing into consideration when making awards.

Embarking upon a procurement route that will potentially deter the best in the market place to engage will inevitably lead to higher out-turned costs, assuming tender action is not abandoned mid-stream and can also have significant effects on the programme and quality.

Whilst the EU's new Public Procurement Directive is welcomed in giving clarity on assessing tenders and contract values; getting it wrong could lead to a failed bid process and expose clients to challenge by unsuccessful bidders and the costs and delays that brings.

The survey results will be grouped accordingly, respecting confidentiality, unless respondents advise otherwise. It should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete. Thank you for your help

CLG Select Committee Report on Local Government Procurement The final report of the CLG Select Committee on local government procurement has now been published. Follow the link below to read the report


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    Local Govt. I T Charter Launched 281.9KB

    Stephen McPartland report from inquiry into e-invoicing 287.3KB

    CLG Select Committee Report on Local Govt Procurement 484.9KB